Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Bo-Day!

Happy Bo-Day!

Like most Americans I’ve been impatient to see what choices the new president will make now that he’s almost three months into his first term of office.

No, I don’t mean whom he’ll pick for under-under secretary of some department or other. I mean whom will he choose as First Dog!

Today, if the Washington Post report is accurate, I got my answer. And this is one pick who’s been “thoroughly vetted.”

As my family is poodle-whipped, I was leaning heavily toward the Labradoodle. Evidently there’s an entire Web site devoted to pleading with the president to “pick me.”

But when I saw the photo of 6-month old “Bo,” I once more fell in love with a bundle fur, this time a Portuguese Water Dog or Portie (PWD as fans of the breed call them). The writer compared Bo’s coat to a tuxedo, black with a white chest, white front paws, and white goatee.

And he’s already in training—sitting when the Obama girls sit, standing when they stand, and so far no "toileting errors."

Since they aren’t getting a rescue dog—as many people had hoped—I understand the Obamas are, instead, donating to the D.C. Humane Society. However, Bo is a “give-back,” a dog someone else couldn’t handle and returned to the breeder. Lucky dog.

As for me, I can rest easier, knowing that big white house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is finally a real home.


Lynn Reynolds said...

What a cute little dog. I can't get too upset at them for not getting a dog from the pound. One of the first daughters has allergies and I think asthma, so I think they really wanted to pick a dog that was least likely to aggravate her allergies. Hope this one does the trick!

Ann Whitaker said...

I agree. He is a cutie. And, no, I don't blame the Obamas.

Now lots of dog people are worried everyone is going to want a PWD because the president has one. There's also a fear people will steal them for breeding since they cost around $2000.

Edie Ramer said...

Though I can tell it's not the same breed, Bo looks a lot like the dog on the cover of Dog Nanny. They're both sweeties.

We have a give-back English setter. We got her from an English setter rescue association. We think someone was trying to train her to be a hunting dog -- and found out she was afraid of gun shots.

Ellen said...

What a cutie! You know, I always love to see the first pets, sort of humanizes the White House. Oh, and one of the most interesting people I met when I lived in the DC area was Sock's publicity agent :)

Ann Whitaker said...

The dog on the cover of DOG NANNY is a standard poodle, but it you let a poodle grow out, it would be very fluffy and look similar to a PWD. Too, I've seen PWDs at dog shows on TV, and full grown they're very curly, and their tails are clipped like poodle tails with a pom-pon on the end.

English setters are beautiful dogs. Glad you provided a home for your gal, Edie.

Ann Whitaker said...

Ellen, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Socks had a publicity agent?! We should all be so lucky. I'd love to hear that story.

Ellen said...

Yep, a PR person devoted solely to the First Kitty---not kidding. The biggest part of her job was answering his fan mail (apparently he got rather a lot) and sending out autographed photos. Talk about cute, they said, "With Love," and then had a paw print.

Misty Evans said...

Ann, the cover of Dog Nanny is adorable!

I hope the Obamas get as much enjoyment out of their new family member as the rest of us do with our dogs. I'm considering adding a new dog to our family but I'm afraid the old dog will be very unhappy about it. He's spoiled rotten and doesn't like to share his people with anyone. LOL.

Ann Whitaker said...


What a great job that would be! She probably got paid pretty well, too. Wouldn't you love to have that on a resume?

Didn't Socks go to Rainbow Bridge recently? I remember he went to live with Clinton's secretary when he left office.

Ann Whitaker said...

Misty, as for adding new dog--we got a rescue when our oldest girl was 2. A male. Which females are supposed to like better than other females. She tolerates him, but she's never really liked him. If he gets too close, she gets up and walks away. She will share her things, however, so there's no open conflict, but be careful. IMO, the older dog has earned the right to being set in its ways.

Candace said...

Ann, I agree that a house really isn't a home unless it has a dog or two in it. And several cats around as well. Cesar Millan of Dog Whisperer says a family is not complete without a dog. I love the PWD and the fact that he's a give back.

Ann Whitaker said...

I agree with Cesar! Wonder what the people who gave him back are thinking now?

Guess I can't fault them though. I read somewhere they already had a dog, and I think there were issues on its account.