Saturday, February 28, 2009

February: National Spay/Neuter Month

Testimonial from Mardi Gras and Jolie Blon: "We both got neutraled many moons ago, and we highly recommend it!"

Spay 'Em All Y'all 2009

Since one of the underlying themes of Dog Nanny (June 12 The Wild Rose Press) is the importance of spaying and neutering one's pets, I thought I should mention that the last Tuesday in February (February 24th this year--okay, so I'm a little late) is the 15th annual Spay Day USA.

In fact, I just learned the entire month of February is set aside each year for events and activities geared toward a proactive solution to preventing hundreds of unwanted litters.

One of my favorite non-profits, Waco's Animal Birth Control Clinic, set a goal of performing 450 surgeries by the end of the month.* They even threw in a free Rabies vaccine ($10 value) and Pet Gift Bag ($25+ value) with any dog spay or dog neuter surgery (age 4-7 months). Cost--only

(Results now in: spayed/neutered 481 in February!)

But you don't have to do it in February, and you don't have to come to Texas. Just call your local humane society to find out about services offered in your area, or make an appointment with your favorite vet. Then load up Fluffy and Fido and have this simple, safe procedure performed while they're still young.

Spay/neutering provides health benefits, such as reducing reproductive cancers. And it helps with unwanted behaviors, like territorial urine marking. Yep, that's one reason we writers call certain characters "alpha males."

Fluffy and Fido will thank you for it. Well, maybe not Fido, but he'll get over it. And if he doesn't, there are always Neuticles if he really needs an ego boost.

For those of you close enough, here's the local poop:

Animal Birth Control Clinic
1531 Wooded Acres Drive
Waco, TX 76710
(254) 776-7303


Linda LaRoque said...

Okay, Ann, I want to know what Neuticles are? Cute dogs in the picture.


Ann Whitaker said...


Hey, Linda,

I should say you'll have to read DOG NANNY to find out about Neuticles, but I'll tell you--they're artificial dog testes and have been around since the early 1990s. No joke.

Glad you thought the dogs were cute! They're my babies. (For the record, Mardi does not have Neuticles. His self-esteem is intact, even if certain other parts are missing.)

Thanks for dropping by!